This is yoga, and it can quietly change the world


Our Mission

Sharanam Yoga Project is a non-profit organization aiming to make yoga & meditation and their healing benefits accessible to populations at risk and individuals who have been exposed to trauma.


Our Approach

In close collaboration with social justice and human health organizations, we set up yoga programs for people in precarious situations, including at-risk youth, women victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, refugees and asylum seekers, prisoners and correctional officers, people recovering from addiction & mental health challenges, patients and hospital staff.

The project kicked-off in the Fall of 2018 and will continue over the course of 12 months in 5 destinations across Europe, Africa, and South America. We plan to settle for 8 weeks in each destination to:

  • Develop partnerships with local social justice organizations and establish trust-based relationships with the vulnerable communities they support

  • Craft and teach all trauma-informed yoga classes - with the help of a translator when necessary

  • Ensure the continuity of the work by collaborating with a local yoga teacher and equipping the partner organization with the tools to pursue the program after we leave

  • Raise awareness about the living conditions of trauma survivors and the effectiveness of yoga as an adjunct therapy for attenuating the symptoms of trauma by documenting and communicating on our actions

  • Measure and report on our impact to our donors and partners


 The Benefits of Yoga

We have experienced the transformational power of these techniques in our own lives and we believe they can increase the wellbeing of all people.

Yoga is multi-faceted; it has an impact on our physical body, on our mental and emotional health, and on our relationships with ourselves and others.

Practicing yoga is a moment that we carve out in our everyday life to be in contact with ourselves, to reclaim our body, sharpen our senses, awaken the vitality that lies deep within us, listen to our mind, and nourish a state of calm, serenity, and yet joie de vivre, and develop strategies to cope with the challenges of life. The goal of yoga is to find a balance between the soul, the body and the mind, and although in life we lose it constantly, it teaches us how to restore it more easily:

  • Through controlled breathing, yoga can reduce stress, anxiety and promote relaxation of body and mind.

  • The postures strengthen the muscles while improving flexibility. Movement confronts us with our body sensations and provides a direct connection with our emotions.

  • Yoga also transmits values, including non-violence towards others and one-self, sincerity, and honesty. In a subtle way, we learn to better communicate and we can shift  away from destructive behaviors.


The Founders


We - Charlotte and Ludovic - are partners in life, and share a passion and a deep knowledge of yoga. We listened to our inner voice, choosing to leave our corporate jobs to dedicate ourselves to social justice. Fascinated by the way some overwhelming experiences - which we call traumas - imprint themselves beyond what language can reach, we decided to use yoga as a modality of helping and healing.

Charlotte Kelberine is from Corsica. She grew up between Marseille, Paris & New York, pursuing both her passion for ballet and her engineering career. Her yoga mat is where she finds energy and mind space no matter where life takes her. Charlotte believes that the practice of yoga asana + conscious breathing + meditation offers a platform for individual and collective growth, and she wants to help her students make their time on and off the mat more engaging and purposeful. Charlotte is honored to be a 300-hour certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher + KRI Level 1 certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher. Charlotte is also trained in trauma-informed yoga with Hala Khouri (from Off the Mat, into the World) and with Anneke Lucas (from Liberation Prison Yoga) and is currently pursuing a 150-hour certification in Ayurvedic Nutrition with Dr Naina Marballi; striving to serve her students through a holistic approach.

Ludovic Baussan was born of French parents, he grew up between Africa and Europe, started a career as an entrepreneur in the Middle East, then moved to New York in 2014 to be exposed to what he likes the most : multicultural interactions. Ludovic is an agent of social change, using documentary photography, theater, and yoga practices to create a conscious and sustainable personal and community transformation. His yoga classes are designed to cultivate self-awareness, inspire students to open up to the world with compassion, and fully awaken interdependence. Ludovic is a certified teacher of Jivamukti Yoga - 300 hours. He has followed two courses in Trauma-informed yoga with Anneke Lucas (from Liberation Prison Yoga) and with David Emerson & Jen Turner from the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts.






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