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Upstate Retreat: Cultivating Presence

  • The Assemblage Sanctuary Matt Smith Road NY, 12726 United States (map)

Cultivating presence is a fundraising retreat bringing together The Assemblage and Sharanam Yoga Project in support of the latter’s social impact initiative aiming to give access to the healing practices of yoga and meditation into minority and traumatized populations.

Join us for a retreat from the chaos of New York City into the ever-expanding awareness of the fullness of life in the NOW. Allow this time for some self-care; self-exploration; and moment-to-moment connection with yourself, nature, and those around you. 

You begin to recognize that spark ignited inside you as you step into your time here and now. You are in awe of the beauty and peace and suddenly smile to yourself as you breath refreshing air. You feel yourself soften as you wander the summer landscape of Bethel Woods. You start to envision the steamy sunsets, and you can almost taste the nourishing and revitalizing Ayurvedic meals waiting for you. You sense the yearning inside as you practice yoga and meditation in this magical space. And finally, you witness yourself move to a place of such authenticity, where every action, every breath and every bit of work is for you to experience the thrill of life in this very instant. Excitement and gratitude fill your heart as you realize this is your home for the weekend.

-- Programming --

Friday, June 8

5:30pm - Welcome!
7:30pm - Dinner: Discover Ayurvedic food & seasonal eating practices
9:00pm - Opening circle & Setting intention
10:30pm - Gong sound immersion + Aromatherapy: a journey for your senses

Saturday, June 9

8:30am - Grounding Jivamukti Yoga Practice 
9:30am - Breakfast to awaken your taste buds
11:00am - Nature Immersion: the great outdoors as therapy
1:30pm - Picnic lunch: investigate your relationship to food, health, and the environment
Free time for simple life’s pleasures - reading, journaling, sauna-bathing, napping
5:30pm - Ayurveda & Asana workshop: Yoga for your dosha
7:30pm - Dinner: Explore your six tastes
9:30pm - Ecstatic dance: shake it out with Cole Blumstein!

Sunday, June 10

8:30am - Kundalini Yoga practice for elevation and expansion
10:30am - Brunch: Decadent food ritual
12:00pm - Closing circle & Applying what we have learned
2:30pm - Departure

-- Additional Information --

Participants are encouraged to bring journals, slippers, bathing suits (for the sauna), yoga outfit and outdoor gear for nature immersion activities.

Price per person — includes accommodation, food and beverage, all activities. Proceeds from this retreat will be donated to Sharanam Yoga Project.

- Shared Room with queen or single bed: $450 member/$600 non-member
- Shared Room with bunk bed: $300 member/$450 non-member

Transportation could be arranged (at an extra cost) for those interested, leaving from The Assemblage NoMad at 5 PM Friday and departing from The Sanctuary at 2 PM Sunday. 

Visit @theassemblagenyc website to learn more about becoming a member and discovering new opportunities to save on this and other programming.


About The Assemblage Sanctuary:
The Assemblage Sanctuary outside of Bethel, NY is a magnetic space to slow down, connect with nature, and exchange ideas around consciousness, science, food and culture. Located across 143 acres of forest—laced with streams, creeks and protected wetlands—this is a space where you are invited to experience another form of hospitality. The Sanctuary is a collaboration with guests guided by the idea that through active engagement in community and community-based programming, a deeper, more profound and fulfilling experience can be shared by all.

About Sharanam Yoga Project:
Sharanam Yoga Project is a yoga service initiative aiming to give access to the healing benefits of yoga and meditation in minority and traumatized populations. The project will kick off in the Fall 2018 and continue over the course of 14 months in approximately 7 destinations across South America, Africa, Asia & Europe. We (Charlotte & Ludovic) plan to settle for 8 weeks in each destinations and partner with local non­profit organizations already at work in social justice to offer yoga to local communities at risk, with the goal of making tangible differences in the hearts and minds of children and adults alike.

About the Facilitators:
Charlotte Kelberine is originally from France and has been calling New York City home since 2014. Her yoga mat is where she finds energy and mind space no matter where life takes her. She believes that the practice of yoga (asana + focused breathing + meditation) is a platform for individual and collective growth and wants to help students make their time on and off the mat more engaging and purposeful. Her quest for knowledge, passion for healthy living, and deep desire to be of service to others led her to become a yoga teacher (Jivamukti + Kundalini + Trauma-informed yoga) and ayurvedic health counselor. As a volunteer, Charlotte teaches yoga to runaway and exploited teenagers and to transgender inmates. Charlotte strives to serve her students through a holistic approach, to decrease mental, emotional, and physical stress, and improve their quality of life.

Ludovic Baussan is a third culture kid. Born off French parents, he was raised between Africa and Italy, started a career as a creative and business entrepreneur in the Middle East, then moved to New York City in 2014 to be exposed to what he likes most - cross cultural connections. Ludovic is a social change agent, using documentary photography, acting, and yoga practices to create conscious & sustainable personal and community transformation. His yoga classes are designed to cultivate self-awareness and inspire students to open up to the world grounded in compassion, and to fully awaken interconnectedness. Ludovic is trained in Jivamukti and Trauma-informed yoga and as a volunteer yoga teacher supports homeless teenagers and incarcerated men. 

Natavi Orion is one of the Stewards of The Assemblage Sanctuary. Through the guidance of various indigenous healing modalities, he uses his craft as artist and musician to foster the reconnection of individuals with self, community, the natural world, and spirit. It is Natavi’s mission to co-create, maintain, and protect a vibration at The Sanctuary in which people can come to learn, heal, and renew their physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, and to leave better equipped and inspired to be of service to the wellbeing of all Life.

Miguel Mendez is the Wellness & Food Director at The Assemblage Sanctuary in Upstate New York. He stewards the space by bringing wisdom and love into every nourishing offering that is needed. After completing his studies as a Chef/Sommelier, his transformational path brought him to study different mystic currents like kundalini yoga, Eastern medicine, Ayurveda, and Amazonian shamanism. Miguel’s purpose at the Assemblage Sanctuary is to offer alternatives that can aid in the development of a more conscious being. He is very passionate about health, medicinal plants, and service to all.

Cole Blumstein is the co-producer of Ecstatic Dance NYC. After being introduced to 5 Rhythms and eventually Ecstatic Dance, his life immediately took a turn towards self-expression and conscious living. Now, he is apart of building the thriving community that is Ecstatic Dance here in NYC, which gathers once/month at the majestic Judson Church, bringing together 300+ dancers from all walks of life to dance freely. When he is not wearing his event production hat, he produces music and plays percussion. 

📷 Inna Shnayder