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Namastay y’all!

Tuesday, June 12th - Extract from our 5-min morning journal.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for:

  • The 50 warmhearted donors who enabled us to reach 30% of our funding goal by contributing on our crowdfunding platform ! 

  • The 25 magical souls (picture below!) and The Assemblage who co-created a very special weekend in Bethel Woods and raised $4,050 to support our project !

This is incredible ⭐️😃⭐️but let’s dare to dream bigger! Our greatest gift would be to make it halfway to our objective of 50,000 euros by June 30th (2 weeks from now!) to support minority and trauma-survivors gain access to inner peace and reclaim the body and mind through trauma-informed yoga practices. 

👉How can you contribute today? 

Let’s mobilize more and more people and dream big together!

With all our heart,
Charlotte + Ludovic

Charlotte Kelberine