It all happened thanks to you


Dear friends,

Today feels like an auspicious time to step back and review our milestones of the past 6 months. 

Our fundraising campaign ended on July 31st. Huge thanks and recognition to each and everyone of the 130 donors who supported this project. Together, you have raised 25,320 € and planted the seeds of expansion of the yoga practice into vulnerable communities. You met us halfway to our crowdfunding goal, which is to our eyes, a huge success! 

As good news never come alone, we are glad to inform you that we raised an additional 7,500 € through 4 yoga infused fundraising initiatives. Thank you to all those who were present during these special moments.

Now, what?

We are focusing our efforts on applying for grants and securing corporate sponsorships to garner the remaining 27,180 € in order to reach our funding goal! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are able to help us here :)

We are wrapping our time in New York city and preparing to jump back to Fall in Marseille (France) ! This will be our very first destination and we are super-excited to inform you that we will co-create yoga programs with incredible organisations for refugees, vulnerable women, incarcerated populations & children with cancer.

Stay tuned...

We will keep you informed about our programs and their impact through email but also on our Facebook & Instagram pages.

Continued gratitude for all you give to us and our students.

Charlotte & Ludovic

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