On Wednesday, magic happened


83 souls came together for a very special Jivamukti Open class benefiting Sharanam Yoga Project. Together, they took refuge in their body, dripping in sweat and sharing the same intention to expand this practice and its benefits into vulnerable communities. Thank you 🙏🏼

As certified Jivamukti Yoga students and certified teachers, we were so honored and privileged to have Rima Rabbath and Monica Jaggi co-teach the class and share their vast knowledge of the method - a heavenly 2-in-1 situation 👭 you have no idea! 

This gave us goosebumps despite the hot and steamy atmosphere in the room 😅

Thank you, Jivamukti Yoga NYC, for hosting and taking good care of us 💙

4 days left to get involved 🔜⏱

Did you miss our class? your can still overcome your FOMO by donating today to www.sharanamyogaproject.org

We have only 4 days left to make a powerful collective impact !

  • 20 euros secures 2 yoga mats

  • 100 euros allows 10 trauma survivors to participate to a 1 hour yoga class

  • 200 euros trains 1 local yoga teacher to continue offering community yoga classes after we leave 

  • 500 euros funds research on the impact of our programs on the mind-body wellbeing of trauma survivors

  • 1000 euros produces a documentary to raise awareness on the healing benefits of yoga on trauma.

Thank you for joining this service initiative for hope and healing.

With all our appreciation,

Charlotte & Ludovic

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