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Dear tribe,

What is the daring adventure that you dreamed about as a kid? For both of us, it was to meet communities around the world and share with them our energy and talents to make a positive change.

Ludovic spent ten years of his career developing design solutions for premium consumer brands. Charlotte studied “everything” data related and spent a few years working in risk management for financial institutions. Our respective paths were stimulating and enriching, yet we were yearning for more. We met in the hustle-bustle of New York in 2015, and together it made sense.

For years, we deepened our long-lasting practice of yoga & mediation but it is not until then that we became fascinated by the way in which it can restore a sense of goodness and safety in the face of overwhelming experiences - which we call traumas - beyond what language can achieve.

2018 was the year everything changed. Sharanam Yoga Project came to life as we decided to take our leap of faith to teach yoga & meditation to populations exposed to trauma and ongoing adversity around the world.

Trauma is everywhere and it takes a village to help wounded people get back on their feet and live a better life. Hence, it is with a lot of hope and enthusiasm that today we invite you to partake into our adventure.

Our fundraising campaign is live until July 30th (but don't snooze!) we would love your support to achieve this important and potent work. We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of our angel donors who enabled us to hit the ground running and reach 23% of our funding goal of 50,000 euros.

Thank you for joining us in action by donating at www.sharanamyogaproject.org

Much love

Charlotte & Ludovic

Ludovic Baussan