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Did you know how yoga can help trauma survivors? 

When people experience trauma, whether in an isolated or repeated event, the body often is overwhelmed by the physical paralysis and the alarm center of the brain remains on alert, causing hyper-vigilance and anxiety. The mind-body connection that was broken as a result of trauma must be restored for individuals to live freely.

Yoga is a potent tool with both physical and mental benefits:

  • It gives people healthy coping skills for managing their anxiety in both their body and mind.

  • It teaches people how to utilize their breathing to positively impact how their nervous system responds to stress and triggering stimuli.

  • It empowers them to feel confident in their body as opposed to feeling continually powerless as they did in their trauma.

  • It teaches values such as non-harming others as well as one self, and in a subtle way breaks cycles of destructive behavior.

We are not therapists or doctors, yet we have done trainings to work with people who have chronic illnesses, addictions, are in prison, suffer from PTSD. Yoga is now being widely recognized as a way to complement many traditional treatment plans. Our classes are a combination of dynamic movements, breathing exercices, mindfulness techniques, and reflection such as journaling or group sharing.

With love,

Charlotte & Ludovic

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