You can help a trauma survivor find inner peace


Dear friends,

Squeezing 3 brief but important notes in your inbox today :

1. Our crowdfunding campaign continues! 💫Still 20 days to support us and we are counting!

So far, 77 incredibly generous donors contributed 18,380 Euros. WHAOW! ❤️🙌 We are getting closer to our goal, yet we still have a long way to go. Now more than ever, we need your support to achieve this potent work. Learn about the project and (maybe) make a donation 👉

2. What will be our role? 💪

Over the course of 14 months and across 7 countries, we will:

  • Develop partnerships with social justice NPOs and establish trustful relationships with the communities they are serving.

  • Craft a comprehensive curriculum and teach all trauma-informed yoga classes - with the help of a translator when necessary.

  • Raise awareness about the healing benefits of yoga for trauma survivors by documenting and communicating on our journey.

  • Ensure the continuity of the work by collaborating with a local yoga teacher and equipping the partner organization with the tools to pursue the program after we leave.

  • Measure and report on our programs impact to our donors and partners.

You will be employing us to do this great work in the world, and we take that sacred commitment seriously.

3. By taking our yoga classes, you gathered $3,340 ⭐️

Thank you to all the participants to our weekly Namast’ay Sunday yoga class for coming on this journey with us. You contributed both your energy and donations to the realization of Sharanam Yoga Project.

With all our love,
Charlotte & Ludovic

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