Youth at-risk

Life in the townships - the poorest urban areas in South Africa - is challenging. The community is squashed; residents live in shacks; proper sanitation services are often lacking; and unemployment is the norm. This desperation has led townships to be one of the worst precincts for drug use, gangsterism, and crime.

Amid this chaos, youngsters have a slim path out of poverty, and the hardships of life are often too overwhelming for them to believe that a better life is possible. Their minds are understandably rooted in negativity, fear, and frustration.

Yoga can help young people develop the mindfulness to cope with anxiety and the determination to overcome the obstacles that are thrown at them. Yoga can provide a safe and peaceful place where they can attain the inner silence and personal power to chart a path for themselves.



  • Developing a programme and teaching classes for the students of Indoni Academy in Cape Town since January 2019.

  • Facilitating workshops to educate the teachers of Seva Unite, Yoga4Alex & Earth Child Project on trauma informed practices in Cape Town in February & March 2019.

  • Developing a programme for the students of Bridges Academy in Cape Town starting in April 2019.


Completed and ongoing projects


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