Aurélie Bergier

Aurélie is a Sharanam Yoga Project volunteer teacher at Jane Pannier, sharing the practices of yoga with women living with serious mental illness. Aurélie has many hats: she is a clinical psychologist, a yoga teacher, a comedian, and a clown. Her work focuses on supporting those we call insane, and shedding light on the truth contained in madness as well as its eminently creative value. Aurélie has worked 8 years in adult psychiatry in public hospitals of Marseille. Convinced that art is intimately linked to health, she has always practiced and animated artistic and therapeutic workshops combining various modalities such as clay, singing, dancing, writing, photography, puppetry, group psychodrama, and yoga. Aurélie is trained in integral yoga (Saraswati School, Bijayogashram) and in yoga for kids (RYE).


Aurélie Fournol

Aurélie is a Sharanam Yoga Project volunteer teacher at JRS Jeunes, sharing the practices of yoga with young refugees in Marseille. Aurélie grows up in Marseille and discovers yoga 5 years ago while she is living in Australia. The practice quickly seeps into every aspect of her life, transforming it for the better. She completes her first 10-day Vipassana meditation course at the Blackheath Center in New South Wales - followed by short stays at the Woori Yallok center in Melbourne, and in Jaipur, India. Before returning to her roots in Marseille, she travels to India to follow the 200h yoga teacher training course offered by Vinyasa Yoga Academy in Rishikesh. Today, Aurélie wants to spread widely these techniques that she believes are potent tools to find lasting inner peace.


Julie Larini

Julie is a Sharanam Yoga Project volunteer teacher at L’Amicale du Nid, sharing the practices of yoga with sex workers in Marseille. Julie is introduced to Ashtanga Yoga in 2009 while she studies to become an osteopath. She practices for many years at Yama Yoga in Marseille, under the guidance of Vanessa Brouillet, before completing her 200h Ashtanga & Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2015. She studies Sanskrit with Hélène Marinetti (Dîpa), and travels to India to deepen her yoga practice with Sri. V. Sheshadri. As both an osteopath and yoga teacher, Julie is fascinated by how emotions imprint our physical body. She volunteers with Une pose pour soi to teach yoga to cancer patients. In 2016, she conducts a pilot study in the Pedopshychiatric department of Hôpital Salvator leading her to facilitate a conference on "Physical health & mental health: a vital link”.


Rosa Aguilera

Rosa is Sharanam Yoga Project volunteer teacher at Sourire à la Vie, sharing the practices of yoga with kids diagnosed with cancer in Marseille. Rosa is a circus artist; since 2000, she travels to Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Dominican Republic to work in different circus schools. Her yoga journey starts in 2005; since then, she has completed several trainings: Hatha Yoga at the Buddha School in Varanasi (India); Ashtanga Yoga at Inbound Yoga in Barcelona (Spain), and Thai Massage & Acroyoga at Om Shanti in Barcelona (Spain). Rosa draws from her multidisciplinary background to share in a profound, dynamic, yet playful way her knowledge and is interested in helping people deal with challenges in all aspects of their life.