We teach yoga. We collaborate on the design & implementation of new trauma-informed yoga programs. We expand & nourish existing yoga programming through trauma education workshops.


Teach classes

As committed yoga practitioners and passionate yoga teachers, we first and foremost lead yoga classes wherever life takes us! We share what we know from our lived experience and intellectual study of yoga.

We work with individuals and groups and offer them a practice that incorporates movement, breathing, meditation/visualization, expressive art (journaling, drawing), sharing circle, sound and essential oils.

Trauma-informed yoga is not all like restorative yoga - always gentle and relaxing. We also get participants to move and flow through fairly active sequences.

Speaking of, we create all of our sequences. However there are some principles that we follow, grounded in science and attesting to the positive impact of yoga on trauma survivors.

Develop Programmes

We identify facilities (e.g., hospitals, schools, daycare centers, shelters) where populations may benefit from trauma-conscious mind-body techniques.

  • Vulnerable & Mentally ill women

  • Children with cancer, their parents & medical staff

  • Victims of human trafficking & sexual exploitation

  • Refugees & Displaced communities
    Incarcerated populations

  • Youth at-risk

We work hand in hand with each facility to design a curriculum and a schedule tailored to their population’s needs. Classes are offered at no cost for the participants.

On an ongoing basis, we conduct participation assessments and check-in with the facility’s key stakeholders and students on the relevancy of the program.

Educate Staff

We facilitate full-day workshops for yoga teachers, therapeutic care providers, and social workers, where we:

  • Get an understanding of how the brain, body, and mind react to threat and danger

  • Review the different types of trauma and learn to recognize trauma symptoms

  • Discuss how traumatic experiences imprint the body and mind beyond what language can reach

  • Investigate the link between childhood development, disrupted attachment, and future trauma in adulthood

  • Learn the tools and techniques to adapt the practices of yoga, breathing and mindfulness to take into account the trauma and respect the needs of the participants